A Dental Filling May Be Ideal For a Cavity of Modest Size

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If you have found that despite your commitment to your daily oral hygiene routine you have developed a cavity on one or more of your teeth, we encourage you to contact Cross Pointe Dental quickly. Signs of a cavity can include suspicious changes such as a new tooth texture and ongoing dental pain.

By receiving dental treatment in a timely manner, you can stop a minor dental problem from becoming a highly invasive and destructive issue. When a cavity is detected early enough that it is still only on the surface of the tooth enamel but has grown to modest size, it may warrant the placement of a basic dental filling as the most ideal treatment option.

In order to treat a cavity with a dental filling, our dentist may need to gently numb the area and then extract any decayed portion of the enamel in order to provide the new filling with a clean and healthy surface.

Cross Pointe Dental is pleased to offer both amalgam and composite dental fillings, which Dr. Bradley Bath can apply in as little as one visit to our office. Our experienced dentist recommends the type of dental filling material based on the primary purpose of the tooth and its location in your mouth.

If you are suffering from a cavity and are interested in learning if your smile would benefit from a dental filling in Evansville, Indiana, our friendly dental team invites you to contact Cross Pointe Dental at 812-476-6064 today and schedule a visit to our office.