A Floss Threader Can Help You Floss Around Braces Hardware

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The braces installed on your teeth at Dr. Bradley Bath‘s orthodontic clinic include several different components. They all work in concert to help hold the tension applied to your teeth at your routine adjustment sessions.

If you develop cavities on one or more teeth the tooth decay complications and treatment can extend the realignment process. Periodontal health problems like gingivitis can also exacerbate problems.

Your daily oral hygiene regimen is of utmost importance to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease complications.

This starts with brushing your teeth twice each day. If you are having trouble brushing around braces hardware or cleaning a contoured area, you might want to try using a small interdental brush.

Flossing once each day can be especially challenging with braces. To help work the strand of dental floss around wires and components you might want to try using a floss threader. It can help you remove plaque and residual food particles from all the surfaces between your teeth as well as your gum line.

Your routine dental checkup is also important for monitoring the health of your teeth and gums to catch any problems that might develop or to determine the most applicable preventative treatments.

If you had braces installed in your mouth at Dr. Bradley Bath’s orthodontic office in Evansville, Indiana and you have a question about how to maintain good oral hygiene, you can always call 812-476-6064 to speak to a staff member at Cross Pointe Dental.