Dental Sealants Can Help Prevent Dental Caries for up to a Decade

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Dental caries can occur when plaque acids and bacterial deposits manage to demineralize a small area of tooth enamel. As they continue to expand the tooth decay will likely cause increasing discomfort and other complications.

It’s worth noting that many individuals have deep textures, pits, and recesses in the tooth enamel on the biting surface of their molars and premolars. Unfortunately, these areas can gradually start to collect food particles and plaque buildup increasing the chances of a dental caries developing.   

If Dr. Bradley Bath notices a problem like this during your dental checkup, he might recommend cleaning the deep recesses of the tooth enamel before applying dental sealants to the biting surfaces of your back teeth.  This is a sound preventative measure to help preserve their overall health.

They are essentially composed of a durable dental resin that Dr. Bradley Bath carefully applies to the biting surfaces of your molars and premolars. This will create an effective barrier between bacteria and the underlying tooth enamel.

Once the dental sealants have been painted onto the teeth, Dr. Bradley Bath will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and harden the dental sealants. If any residual food particles get stuck in the pits and fissures the dental resin will keep bacteria from direct access to the tooth enamel.

The durable dental resin can help protect your molars and premolars from new dental caries for up to a decade.

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