Flossing for Success

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Caring for your teeth is not a difficult job, but in order to do it well, you need to make sure that you brush and floss every day. You may be doing a good job of brushing your teeth for two minutes a day for twice a day. But what about flossing? Is that container of floss sitting in a corner of your medicine cabinet or in a drawer? If so, it is time to dust it off and put it to work.

Flossing is important because it reaches the areas between your teeth that can’t be reached by your toothbrush. Food debris and plaque can build up between your teeth and contribute to cavities and gum disease.  

It doesn’t matter if you brush or floss first, as long as you do an effective job of both. Nylon floss is available as a waxed on the unwaxed product. However, it can shred as you use. A monofilament floss will move easily between your teeth and be better for people who wear braces, have a bridge or other dental work.

Start with 18 inches of floss. Wrap most of it around each middle finger, leaving about one to two inches. Hold that between each thumb and forefinger. You will want to floss below your gumline, and then away from your gums. Start flossing at your back teeth and work your way forward. Use a fresh section of floss for each tooth, and dispose of the floss when you are done.

Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is important parts of caring for your teeth. However, good oral hygiene needs to include regular visits to your dentist for your routine cleanings and exams.

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