Sleep Apnea 101

Sleep apnea is one of the most debilitating chronic conditions American adults have to deal with today. A lack of adequate sleep results directly in poor health. You’ll likely notice severe weight gain and even depression if you’re not sleeping enough. Fortunately, there are treatments available. One of those treatments... Read more »

Got Gum Recession? Here Are Some Treatments

If you have gum recession, then your gum tissues have pulled away from your teeth, making your teeth look longer by exposing the roots and causing tooth sensitivity. There are many things that could be causing your recession, like gingivitis, the misuse of whitening treatments and vigorously brushing and flossing,... Read more »

Understanding Tooth Restorations

Having a healthy, beautiful smile consists of receiving the necessary care and treatments to avoid dental damage and repair damage should it arise. Because there are several forms of damage that can harm your teeth and gums, it is important to always visit our dentist for routine checkups and examinations.... Read more »

The Disuse of Wisdom Teeth Often Requires Their Removal

If you have not already, you may need to undergo tooth extraction to remove the third set of molars known as wisdom teeth that erupt around the late teenage or early adult years. While not every have wisdom teeth, those who do often need to have them removed to prevent... Read more »

A Complete Denture Can Replace Badly Compromised Teeth

As you go through life long-term problems with tooth decay and chronic gum disease can start to weaken the roots of your teeth. This can lead to the list of multiple teeth or leave you with a mouth full of structurally deficient teeth. Many patients facing issue with terminal dentition... Read more »

Cold and Flu Season and Your Smile

Cold and flu season is affecting many people right now. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of taking care of your teeth when you’re feeling sick. However, with a little care, your smile can stay strong throughout your illness. The first tip may seem obvious to many,... Read more »

Hitch a Ride on the Smile Parade With Interdental Cleaners

If you would like to enhance your interdental cleaning care, visit your dentist to speak with them about product recommendations and suggestions for cleaning between your teeth. As an additional layer of protection, your dentist will be able to provide professional cleaning to target any areas that your oral health... Read more »

Heed These Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

The key to preventing oral cancer is to visit the dentist’s office regularly for oral cancer screenings at the end of your routine checkups. Early detection greatly enhances your chances of recovery, which is why it’s so important that you always attend each scheduled dental appointment and notify your dentist... Read more »

A Dental Filling May Be Ideal For a Cavity of Modest Size

If you have found that despite your commitment to your daily oral hygiene routine you have developed a cavity on one or more of your teeth, we encourage you to contact Cross Pointe Dental quickly. Signs of a cavity can include suspicious changes such as a new tooth texture and... Read more »

Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Risk Factors for Gum Disease

Did you know that a severe infection within your gums can often linger in your mouth for a period of many years before you may realize it has been doing damage to your mouth? Periodontal disease, also frequently referred to as gum disease, can go through many stages, including gingivitis,... Read more »