Heed These Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

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The key to preventing oral cancer is to visit the dentist’s office regularly for oral cancer screenings at the end of your routine checkups. Early detection greatly enhances your chances of recovery, which is why it’s so important that you always attend each scheduled dental appointment and notify your dentist of any changes in your mouth that could be a symptom. To help you know the warning signs of oral cancer, we have provided a review of the most common symptoms.

One such symptom is frequently feeling as though an object is stuck in your throat, and another similar symptom is struggling with speaking, swallowing, and eating. Contact the dental office for an oral cancer screening if your tooth alignment has changed and caused your mouth to feel like it can’t open or close easily.

We encourage you to keep an eye out for abnormalities in your mouth. These can include unexplained lumps, bumps, rough patches, crusts, swelling, or eroded areas, or patches of tissues, that are speckled red or white. Persistent bleeding and sores that last for weeks are also causes for concern.

Not all symptoms of oral cancer are limited to the mouth. Oral cancer can manifest as a numb feeling around the face and neck, ear pain, or sudden weight loss.

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