The Disuse of Wisdom Teeth Often Requires Their Removal

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If you have not already, you may need to undergo tooth extraction to remove the third set of molars known as wisdom teeth that erupt around the late teenage or early adult years. While not every have wisdom teeth, those who do often need to have them removed to prevent issues with their oral health. Wisdom teeth no longer serve a purpose, and we can determine if they need to undergo removal in a process we explain below.

Wisdom teeth often aren’t provided adequate space in your mouth since they erupt so much later than the other teeth, and this causes them to experience complications that often result in impacted teeth and oral infection. Tooth impaction can create gum pressure and pain and make the surrounding jaw muscles experience soreness. The tooth roots that anchor the wisdom teeth can also be affected by the ongoing pressure.

If your wisdom teeth show signs of distress, our dentist may perform a single outpatient procedure to remove these molars. If you undergo full sedation for the procedure, as is often the case, it’s important to schedule a ride home afterward while the effects of sedation still linger.

Following wisdom tooth removal, you will be given precise recovery instructions, though some general recommendations are to avoid drinking with a straw for a while, eat only soft foods and rest as often as you need. You may also be given a prescription medication to take as directed.

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