What Are Your Options for Braces?

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Once upon a time, orthodontics were traditionally made of metal and were worn by young people. Now, more and more people are opting to straighten their smiles, and they have more options than ever before to do so.

For example, Damon braces do not use elastics on your wires, but rather a clip. They do not exert as much pressure as regular braces, and they do not need to be adjusted as often. They are easier to clean than traditional braces, and usually straighten teeth faster than regular braces.  There are also clear aligner systems that are unnoticeable to other people and can be removed if you want to eat and for cleaning. Ceramic braces are similar to regular braces, but they are made of clear ceramic, so they are more difficult to notice. And of course, after talking with your orthodontist and having an exam, you may decide that traditional braces are best for you, and this may particularly be true for your child. They do need to be adjusted by your orthodontist, and there are dietary restrictions regarding food that can damage your dental work.

When you visit your orthodontist, you will receive an exam, and he will take x-rays of your mouth, teeth, jaws, and head, along with impressions of your teeth. Then, based on your needs and your age, he will make a recommendation for your course of treatment.

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