Bruxism, or the grinding and clenching of teeth, can cause serious damage to your teeth and oral health.  Dr. Bradley Bath can provide treatments for bruxism to help restore your teeth and prevent further damage.  Call 812-476-6064 today to learn more about bruxism in Evansville, Indiana, and to schedule your consultation with our dentist.

Bruxism is an oral condition characterized by the grinding and clenching of teeth.  It can occur during the day or night, but is most common at night.  Signs of bruxism include:

  • Excessive wear on the enamel of your teeth
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Aching or pain in your jaw and neck
  • Marks on your tongue or soft tissues from your teeth
  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

When left untreated, bruxism can cause serious problems to your oral health, including:

  • Gum recession and tooth loss (bruxism damages the soft tissues and loosen teeth, providing deep pockets where bacteria can colonize and destroy the supporting bone)
  • Occlusal trauma (abnormal wear patterns on the chewing surfaces can lead to fractures in the teeth)
  • Arthritis (in the joints of the jaw)
  • Myofascial pain (muscle pain in the in the area of the jaw and debilitating headaches)

Your bruxism treatment will depend on your individual needs.  Our dentist may offer a mouth guard or an NTI-tss device.  Other treatment options include stress management, relaxation exercises, and biofeedback mechanisms.  You may also require a restorative treatment, such as a dental crown, gum graft, or crown lengthening to restore the appearance of your smile.

For more information on bruxism, please contact our office.